Facebook Is Raising Money To Fight Ebola

You may have heard the news recently that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a $25 million donation to Ebola relief efforts. Most of us don’t have that kind of money sitting around to donate, even to important causes, but Facebook wants us to check our metaphorical couch cushions and make our own donations to help treat Ebola patients in western Africa, and to prevent the disease from spreading further.

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If you want to expend the least effort, you can donate right from Facebook to organizations including Save the Children, International Medical Relief, and the American Red Cross. The site may gently nag you to donate in the coming days the next time you check your feed. If some things that you’ve read recently make you less inclined to donate to the Red Cross, that’s fine: there are many other non-governmental organizations that are fundraising for their own anti-Ebola efforts.

Facebook has also announced that it will work with Nethope, an organization that helps with technology solutions in the field during humanitarian crises, to provide voice and data services to people and organizations in areas in crisis.

Since people all over the world use Facebook, especially on mobile phones, the site also says that it will make information about Ebola symptoms, treatment, and prevention to people in affected areas, in their local language.

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