Audi Recalls Nearly 102,000 Vehicles For Airbag Deployment Issues

Fresh off a recall of nearly a million vehicles, Audi issued another call back of nearly 102,000 cars for an airbag problem that could prevent the frontal safety devices from deploying.

According to a notice [PDF] from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Audi recalled 101,938 model year 2013 to 2015 A4 and S4 vehicles because of an issue that could prevent front airbags from deploying in a secondary crash.

Officials with the car maker say an improper algorithm and coding could prevent the frontal airbags from deploying.

In the case of a side-impact crash, the side airbags may deploy properly, but if the car continues to move and suffers a secondary-frontal crash the front airbags may not deploy, causing injury to passengers.

Audi says the issue was first discovered during the course of routine testing and ongoing field observations in August.

To correct the defect, Audi dealers will perform an adjustment to the airbag control unit.

In late October the car company recalled 850,000 Audi A4, Avant, and AllRoad after finding a glitch that could prevent the vehicle airbags from deploying.

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