Audi Recalls 850,000 Vehicles For Glitch That Could Prevent Airbag Deployment

Airbag woes continued for car manufacturers around the world today as Audi announced it would recall 850,000 vehicles with possibly defective airbags.

The Wall Street Journal reports that while the recall isn’t related to the ongoing issues with Takata-produced airbags, the problems in the Audi A4, Avant, and AllRoad versions can be equally as dangerous.

Affected vehicles, which were manufactured since 2012, contain a software glitch that can prevent the airbag from opening in a collision.

Officials with the company tell Bloomberg that they are examining a “low, single digit number” of accidents where the airbags probably didn’t inflate as planned. Investigators with the company are still working to determine if any injuries or crashes have resulted from the issue.

Owners of affected vehicles are urged to take their car to a local dealer for a software upgrade to remedy the issue.

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