Readers’ Reviews Of Papa John’s Fritos Chili Pizza Mixed, Mostly Bad

fritos_chili_pizzaLast week, we shared the somewhat terrifying news that Papa John’s is marketing a pizza topped with Fritos and chili. Yes, the snack chip Fritos. Yes, on a pizza. Yes, on a Papa John’s pizza. We asked whether any of you out in Consumerland had tried it, and some of you were brave enough to.

We would like to point out that this was not a challenge. We did not encourage our readers to purchase and eat Fritos chili pizzas. They did so of their own free will.

Tresser was not impressed with the Fritos, or with the pizza, declaring the former to be “either crazy stale or steam-dried on the way to our house.” The Fritos didn’t appear to be baked along with the rest of the pizza, so it’s possible that the heat of the rest of the pie could have steamed the chips into terribleness if they were added late in the baking process. The rest of the pizza was dull: even the special chili sauce. “It was clearly not a typical pizza sauce,” Tresser wrote, “but by itself it didn’t stand out as something one would ever confuse for chili.”

Charlene has one idea for improving the pizza: “They should give you the Fritos to put on right before you eat it. Also they should consider using chili Fritos.” Wouldn’t that be maximum chili? She notes that the Fritos were soggy, there were huge tomato chunks, and she ate one piece and threw away the rest.

Karen dissented from the rest of this non-panel. She really liked it. “It’s better than it has any right to be!” she wrote, presumably with a slice of leftover pizza by her side. “The Fritos are nice, but it’s the chili that makes it good.” She pointed out that only $12 is a pretty good price for a deluxe pizza at Papa John’s, and urges everyone to give it a try. Assuming that they already like Papa John’s, at least.

Overall, we kind of agree with the summary of Tresser, the first reviewer: “I am curious who they ripped this idea off of, and if I ever find out I’d like to try it. I’m sure the original version is miles ahead of this pale comparison.”

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