“Technology & Stuff” Chevy Rep Gives Recently Recalled Truck To World Series MVP

Forget Madison Bumgarner’s historic heroics in last night’s Game 7 of the 2014 World Series, the true Most Valuable Player of this postseason is Rikk Wilde, a regional Chevy executive who was thrust into the spotlight after Wednesday’s game and unwittingly turned himself into an Internet icon, while also handing out a recently recalled truck.

A bewildered Wilde, a zone manager for Chevy in the Kansas City area, was the one selected to present Bumgarner with his reward for being named the Series MVP — a new Chevy Colorado.

Obviously flustered, and armed only with a handful of note cards that he kept trying to reference, Wilde eventually gave up trying to tout the specific features of the truck, merely saying it featured all sorts of “technology and stuff.”

What Wilde failed to mention is that — like just about everything else GM has touched in the past decade — the 2015 Colorado was recently recalled before it even made its way to most dealers.

Earlier this month, the carmaker told Chevy dealers that had the trucks to put a stop-sale on the 2015 Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks over airbag concerns. Most of the affected vehicles were either still in the manufacturer’s hands or had not been sold by dealers when the recall was announced, so we’re hoping that MadBum didn’t get a bum truck that he’s going to have to bring in for a free repair when he should be out celebrating.

Speaking of bum deals, as a Phillies fan, I’d like to congratulate former Phillies outfielder Hunter Pence on his second Series title in three years. He should send Ruben Amaro Junior a rather big bouquet of thank-you flowers for trading him away.

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