Minnesota Company Trades Workers’ Completed Time Sheets For Free Beer

adagencybeerIf there’s anything that can get sluggish workers to complete their tasks on time, it’s free cake. No wait, it’s free candy. Fooled you all — it’s definitely free beer, at least in the case of one Minnesota ad firm providing a bit of liquid motivation at work.

Minneapolis-based firm Colle + McVoy came up with a unique system to make sure that employees remembered to fill out their time cards in a, well, timely manner, reports KARE11.com (warning: link has video that autoplays).

Sure, there’s the money you won’t get unless you file that paperwork, but workers can also get a free glass of beer by way of the company’s own design, The Tapserver.

The high tech machine doles out the ale once a worker has scanned their key card, and its software confirms that the deed has been done, clearing said worker for happy hour takeoff. There are a few choices on tap to choose from as well, though no words on whether snacks are also served because that would just be too awesome.

Sentiment about completing time cards is now up 90%, but it remains unclear whether on-the-job napping is also up as well. It has to be.

Mpls. ad agency gives free beer for time cards [KARE11.com]

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