Uber Driver Says Female Passenger Was Asking To Be Groped By Wearing A Tank Top

I’ve heard any number of horror stories from female friends who have been harassed by overly flirtatious cab drivers — even dated a woman was kicked out of a cab when she told she driver she had a boyfriend — but the experience of one Uber passenger in Florida goes far beyond making salacious or sexist comments.

The Smoking Gun reports on an Uber driver who was hired to pick up a female passenger in the Orlando area and drive her to a bar to meet her boyfriend.

But things started going badly right from the start, the passenger told police. She says the driver not only began to take a circuitous route to the destination, but he also kept remarking how “attractive” and “pretty” she looked.

Then she claims that the driver stopped the car and placed his hand inside her tank top. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, that means his hand went right onto her breast.

The passenger says she yelled at the driver, “Do not touch my boobs or I will hit you in the face!” She also apparently recorded portions of this dispute on her phone because she was wary of the driver’s behavior.

When the driver dropped her off, she asked for a business card, which he gave her. She then told her boyfriend what had occurred.

She later identified the driver to the police in a photographic lineup, and he came into the police station a few days after the alleged incident to be interviewed.

While speaking to the police, he explained that the passenger was wearing a tank top without a bra and that in his birth nation of Egypt, if a woman dresses like that “it means she [is] asking for it.”

That’s when the police arrested the driver for battery, a misdemeanor charge. He was released after posting $500 bond, but TSG reports that Uber has suspended his account.

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