Sears Inventory Clerk Accused Of Stealing $2.6 Million In Merchandise

If Sears wants to lose slightly less money in the last quarter of 2014, maybe the company needs to check its employees’ metaphorical pockets. For example, there was the employee in a New Jersey distribution center who was recently arrested and accused of stealing merchandise worth $2.3 million, with a retail value of $3.7 million, and selling or bartering the merchandise to people in multiple states.

How could someone have done this? Police say that the inventory clerk would create fake orders for pricey items with resale value, like electronics, high-end bedding, and appliances.

What isn’t clear is whether she created the phony orders and then Sears itself shipped them directly to the recipients, or the fake “orders” simply removed the items from warehouse inventory so she could slip them out of the building. That’s easy enough to do with a small item like a camera, but more difficult with, say, a dishwasher.

Police say that she distributed the items to her “network” all over the greater New York metropolitan area, and that she surely had accomplices in selling the merchandise. She’s currently at the county jail on $50,000 bail.

New Jersey woman steals $3.7 million in goods from Sears warehouse [NY Daily News]

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