Every Episode Of ‘Friends’ Will Be Available On Netflix In January 2015

As if you didn’t already spend enough time binge watching TV online, Netflix has announced that every episode of Friends will be available starting January 1, 2015. Because apparently countless rounds in syndication just isn’t enough.

In what is basically a music video of those two guys sing The Only Song Anyone Ever Asks Them To Play (otherwise known as “The Rembrandts” singing the Friends theme song, which if you don’t know it, I don’t know what rock you’ve been under and you can watch for yourself), Netflix announced the coming additions to its library with a shot of a Friends mug and an I Heart Netflix mug next to each other.

Meanwhile, even Gunther looks annoyed to be back at Central Perk doing the same thing he did day in and day out, episode after episode, all with that same song playing over and over in his ears [clapclapclapclap].

“THAT SONG! NOT THAT SONG AGAIN!” he shrieks, alone at night, with no one to listen to him but the ghostly specter of Rachel, haunting him with is failure to woo her successfully.

Anyway, all 10 seasons of Friends will only be available for U.S. and Canadian users.

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