Google Reportedly Testing Telemedicine Service To Give Consumers Basic Medical Information

Soon you might not have to leave the couch to find out whether or not your feverish symptoms could be related to food poisoning. While we’re not sure of all the particulars, Google is reportedly dipping its toes into the telemedicine waters.

Re/Code reports that the online search company has been running a trial within its Helpouts service offering users the opportunity to discuss medical issues with doctors though online video chats.

Helpouts previously offered live video guidance from experts on issues such as parenting, photography and an array of other topics.

A spokesperson for the company tells Re/Code that the goal of the service is to offer consumers searching for basic health information the most helpful information available.

“We’re trying this new feature to see if it’s useful to people,” the spokesperson says.

While Google says the information provided is basic, it’s unclear what level of service the physicians participating in the program will provide.

Google Testing New Telemedicine Service [Re/Code]

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