Type “Happy Birthday” And Your Name Into YouTube And You Might Get A Special Surprise

Lucky you, Dorothy.

Lucky you, Dorothy.

You don’t know how badly I wanted to write a headline telling anyone and everyone to type their names into YouTube and end up with a (sort of) personalized birthday video and song, but the reality of the situation is that there are some names that are not as common as others (hangs head, sighs over lack of special birthday song). But for everyone else, you get a Happy Birthday video.

As recently noticed by a Redditor, when some people type “happy birthday” followed by their name into YouTube, you’re likely to get a delightfully weird birthday video involving sheep, surfing, dinosaurs and creepy babies by one user apparently devoted to making people feel special. SOME people.

For example — Kevin gets a song, Susannah has one, heck, even Xander is beloved on his birthday and celebrated in song. The channel has 606 videos, which ostensibly translates to 606 names.

As for how the Consumerist team fares, Kate, Chris and Laura are set. But Mary Beth does not get a song, Meg is bereft and Ashlee might as well just not have a birthday. Just kidding, happy birthday in advance Ashlee!

Meanwhile, there’s a Timothy, Tim and a Timmy version. An embarrassment of riches, Timothys of the world.

Whatever, I’m not bitter, Alvin. Enjoy.

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