Man Desperate To Sell Home Will Accept An iPhone 6 For It

With a house languishing on the market in Detroit, one homeowner who claims he paid way too much in 2010 — $41,000 — is so desperate to unload the property, he’s willing to give it up for a song. Let me clarify: This “song” comes in a white box and makes phone calls, connects to the Internet… Okay, it’s an iPhone 6, and that’s all he’s asking for.

The three-bedroom home in a Detroit neighborhood the real estate broker calls “a little dicey” has no front door and broken windows, reports ABC News. The homeowner, who lives in Austria, has never been to Detroit and claims he was tricked back in 2010 into thinking he’d make a quick profit on the home, which the previous owner bought a few weeks before him for only $10,000, he says.

“This house is really not worth much at all,” the broker explained.

With $6,000 in back taxes attached to the house, any buyer would have to take on that debt and arrange to pay what’s owed, after trading the owner an iPhone 6.

He’s gotten a few hours from his pitch so far, though it’s not clear how many are actually serious buyers. One prospective buyer is “interested in the house for the wood,” the broker said, while another was only willing to hand over an iPhone 5.

Man Tries to Trade Decrepit Detroit House for New iPhone [ABC News]

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