fool me once…

Hint: This is not a leaked photograph of the next iPhone. ( photo: frankieleon)

Stupid Scammers Sell Play-Doh “iPhones,” Get Caught When Victim Asks To Buy More

Dear dumb criminals: If you’re lucky enough to trick someone into buying an iPhone box full of Play-Doh, consider your crappy, evil job done and move on to the next victim. Because if that buyer calls you back asking to purchase more “iPhones,” they’re either less-intelligent than you, or you’re about to be arrested. [More]

At $.71 each for just the container, Whole Foods made $4.26 (not including the accidental empty), and he was charged sales tax on all but two of these.

Is Whole Foods Still Overcharging California Customers?

Only a few months ago, Whole Foods agreed to pay $800,000 to close a one-year probe by prosecutors in three different Southern California cities into allegations that the pricey supermarket was overcharging customers even more by, among other things, failing to deduct the weight of containers when ringing up charges for self-serve foods. Whole Foods promised to stop the practice and right its wrongs, but one Consumerist reader believes the company isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. [More]

This concerned citizen is worried about the name-change epidemic that is sure to follow.

Some People Actually Believe Burger King Changed Its Name And Are Really Angry About It

We’re constantly being told that we are a jaded and cynical people who are unwilling to believe anything at face value and read signs of predatory marketing attempts in even the most innocent of gestures. But leave it to social media and one of the world’s largest fast food chains to show that some folks will be taken in by even the most blatant marketing gimmick. [More]


Bank Of America Gives Existing Customers Yet Another Reason To Flee

Many banks offer benefits to account-holders who also have their home loan serviced by the institution. Bank of America has been doing that for years, cutting fees for people with both checking accounts and mortgages. But now BofA has gone and sold off millions of these mortgages to another servicer, starting a countdown clock for account-holders to go elsewhere or likely face new fees. [More]

Tell Us About Your "Never Again" Moments

Tell Us About Your "Never Again" Moments

How far does a business need to go before you not only make the oft-spoken declaration that you’ll never shop/eat/order from there again, but that you actually follow through and take away your business permanently? [More]

Police: Racist Walmart PA Prankster Had Done It Before

Police: Racist Walmart PA Prankster Had Done It Before

Remember the New Jersey teen who was recently busted for announcing over a Walmart PA system that “all the black people should leave the store now”? Well, you probably won’t be shocked to find out it wasn’t the first time he’d done it. [More]