Jeff Bezos Wedding His Companies With Preinstalled Washington Post App On New Kindle Fire

Back when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought himself the Washington Post, many wondered how/if he’d connect his online retail company with the newspaper (and of course, web site, since this is 2014), or just keep them both in his property pen. It seems he’s ready to introduce these two as a couple, by joining them together in Amazon’s next Kindle Fire tablets.

Whether you want to read it or not, a Washington Post app featuring curated stories and photos from the daily newspaper will come preinstalled on the newest version of the Kindle Fire featuring larger screens that’s coming out later this fall, reports Businessweek.

Bezos has reportedly had a group inside the Post working on the new app, sources tell Businessweek, which will be free of charge. Well, at first — at an unclear later date, users and other tablet owners (including iPad and Android users) will be able to download the app for a monthly subscription fee.

It seems to be a bid to take the Post nationwide, with one insider of Project Rainbow, as it’s called, dubbing it an experiment and part of an attempt to expand the paper.

Jeff Bezos’s New Plan for News: The Washington Post Becomes an Amazon Product [Businessweek]

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