Police: Woman Scammed Victoria’s Secret Out Of $53K Using Stolen Underwear

There’s absolutely no problem with making money from selling underwear. Unless, of course, those frilly, fancy underthings never belonged to you in the first place, in which case you’ll be in a whole lot of hot water. Police in Florida say one woman managed to bilk Victoria’s Secret out of $53,000 by basically selling the store’s own lingerie back to itself.

According police in Miami-Dade County, a 29-year-old woman targeted a slew of stores in Florida, as foar north as Orlando but mostly in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, reports the Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

Her alleged scam? Shoplifting underthings and other items from stores, removing the security devices and then bringing the merchandise back to the cashier to exchange for something that costs a little bit more, police say.

She’d charge the difference between the two items to her debit card, and then take the new stuff to another Victoria’s Secret store and request a full refund. She’d then have that money credited to her debit card, and voila — free money in a scam dating back to 2013, according to law enforcement.

But only for so long — though she managed to rack up about $53,000 with the alleged scam, police arrested her last week, charging her with retail theft, grand theft, organized fraud and money laundering.

Victoria’s Secret scam lands woman in jail
[Orlando Sun-Sentinel]

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