Fans Of ‘Twin Peaks’ In Need Of Fresh Pants Upon News That The Show Will Return 25 Years After It Ended

Hear that? It’s the faint yet immediately recognizable strains of the theme to Twin Peaks, accompanied by squeals of unrestrained glee from its fans after hearing that the show will be returning to TV 25 years after it ended. Also, we’re all old because seriously, 25 years?

It’s been a long time to be sure, but today Twin Peaks cultists can feel young again, as the show’s creators David Lynch and Mark Frost are back to pick up 25 years after the series left off, reports Deadline. The duo will be writing each episode together, with Lynch as the director for each episode.

The nine-episode limited series is a modern day sequel to the two-season run Twin Peaks had from 1990-1991, and will air in 2016.

Both Lynch and Frost tweeted out the special video announcement using the hashtag #damngoodcoffee, saying “it’s happening again.” The promo is of course, totally Twin Peaksian:

Will we get the ending we hoped for 25 years ago, this time with an actual conclusion? Is Laura Palmer doomed to her early 90s hair forever? Some things are unclear, but Deadline says there’s a rumor FBI Agent Dale Cooper as played by Kyle MacLachlan will be in the cast of characters, ostensibly eating cherry pie and drinking coffee at some point.

For those who need a refresher, Showtime will re-air the first two seasons in preparation for the show’s return.

“What more can I say – Twin Peaks with David Lynch and Mark Frost on Showtime in 2016!” said Showtime Networks president David Nevins. “To quote Agent Cooper, ‘I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.’”

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‘Twin Peaks’ Returns As Showtime Limited Series From David Lynch & Mark Frost [Deadline]

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