Burger King Tries To Fight McDonald’s Monopoly With Cheap Chicken Nuggets

Once again, McDonald’s is luring in customers with its Monopoly promotion, offering the promise of free food and prizes (but mostly resulting in game pieces you’ll forget to collect and then find a few months later in the bottom of your office drawer). In an effort to combat this campaign, Burger King is hitting McDonald’s where it hurts — right in the McNuggets.

BurgerBusiness.com reports that BK has temporarily slashed the price on 10 chicken nuggets to $1.49, meaning you can get 20 nuggets for around three bucks, two dollars less than the current McDonald’s price for 20 McNuggets.

The 20-piecer is a big part of McDonald’s Monopoly plans, as it includes four game pieces, giving customers a slightly better chance of winning something. But BK is hoping that consumers will flock to cheaper eats instead of paying more just to play Monopoly.

“With the growing consumer demand for chicken menu items, we wanted to offer our guests an aggressive deal rivaling anything our competition has ever done,” said BK’s Chief Marketing Officer, presumably while wearing dark sunglasses and hoping no one notices him standing in line at Chick fil-A.

Burger King’s Australian franchises — known as Hungry Jack’s — recently attempted to counter the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion by actually offering to honor game pieces that won free food.

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