Burger King Australia Will Honor Winning McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces

The McDonald's to Hungry Jack conversion chart.

The McDonald’s to Hungry Jack conversion chart.

While fast food fans in the U.S. prepare to begin the annual ritual of collecting McDonald’s Monopoly pieces in the hopes of getting free food and other prizes, the promotion is already running in Australia. But rather than watch the competition benefit from this board game-themed campaign, the operators of Burger King’s Down Under operations are fighting back.

BurgerBusiness.com reports that Hungry Jack’s — the name used by the Burger King in Australia — will let McDonald’s customers with Monopoly pieces for free food trade those in for similar items.

So a coupon for a free McDonald’s burger can be redeemed for a Whopper Jr. at Hungry Jack’s; a McDonald’s “chicken burger” coupon gets you a free “Chicken Royale” at Jack’s, and so on.

BurgerBusiness says the Hungry Jack’s offer is in response to an announcement by McDonald’s Australia that 1-in-5 of its Monopoly game pieces will win you something, with free food being the most frequent prize.

Alas, Burger King says it has no plans to launch a similar Monopoly counter-attack stateside when the game starts in the U.S. next week. But maybe if the Hungry Jack’s folks have success with their idea, the idea will eventually make its way to these shores.

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