Pizza Hut Offers Free Pizza To Book-It Alumni

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If you attended an American elementary school during the last three decades, you might have taken part in the Book-It program at Pizza Hut. The program aimed to get elementary school-aged children reading and get entire families under the red roof of The Hut to enjoy a pleasant dinner. Now that the program is 30 years old, Pizza Hut is inviting Book-It alumni to come back for a personal pan pizza topped with literacy and nostalgia.

The site asks for the name of your elementary school, but no one seems to be cross-checking to make sure that your school was really part of the Book-It program in 1988. They’re using the current professions, cities, and elementary school names of the “alumni” to make a cool map showing all of the impressive things that the program alumni have grown up to become. Pizza Hut estimates that about 20% of all Americans of the proper age have participated in Book-It during the last three decades.

Pizza Hut announced the alumni outreach effort earlier this week, but we weren’t sure that the site was up and generating coupons until this afternoon. The form didn’t even work until yesterday. It’s working now, though. We’re not sure how good the personal pan pizza is per square inch, but the more important question is this: will the free pizzas for adults drum up business for Pizza Hut as it did back when the Hut was primarily a sit-down restaurant?

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