Walmart’s Online Grocery Order Pickup Center Is Here

It looks like a lime green gas station, but the new Walmart store concept in the chain’s hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas doesn’t fill your gas tank: it fills your car with groceries. Announced earlier this year, Walmart Pick-Up Grocery opened on Monday, combining Walmart prices with the experience of not needing to get out of your car.

Living in Walmart’s hometown, the people of Bentonville are used to new and exciting Walmarts and store concepts. Some of these spread to the rest of the country, like the mini Walmart Express stores; others didn’t really take off. That’s why they’re called test stores.

Here’s how the Pick-Up Grocery works: you have to place your order as early as three weeks and as late as two hours in advance. At the appointed time, you pull up in a drive-thru lane that looks like a gas station, and enter your last name or order number on a touchscreen.


This alerts the warehouse employees, who emerge with your order and load it in the car. “The customer would actually have the opportunity to review fresh products” before having them loaded in the car, the facility’s grocery manager explained to local TV station KFSM.

There are 10,000 items available to order online, including alcoholic beverages and some household items.

Walmart Pick-Up Grocery Concept Opens [KFSM]

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