Pepsi To Start Selling Naturally Sweetened Soda — But Only On Amazon

pepsitruehiLatching onto a double dose consumer trends, Pepsi will start selling naturally sweetened sodas, free of the artificial kind many people are eschewing these days, but the only way to buy the drinks is going to be online in an exclusive deal with Amazon.

It’s the first time the company has introduced a product this way, reports Reuters. The drink is called Pepsi True and will be available on Amazon in mid-October, in 24-packs of 7.5-ounce cans.

True falls in the mid-calorie range at about 60 calories per can, and is sweetened with sugar and stevia. A regular can of the same size of Pepsi is 100 calories. And the can is green, so you know it’s good for you (note: sarcasm).

Although it won’t be available in stores, Pepsi says it will eventually sell True in grocery stores. This is basically a test run for the company to see how well it does before it moves the product to physical stores.

It’s a new thing for Pepsi to sell a product totally online, says the chief marketing officer at Pepsi Beverages North America, but there will be more where this comes from.

“You should expect online commerce to be a much bigger part of our proposition going forward,” he adds.

This is not Pepsi’s first venture into soda that uses real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. The company has been selling “Throwback” versions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew for several years. Additionally, every spring Pepsi makes a kosher-for-Passover version that does not include HFCS.

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