Labatt Turning 100-Foot Grain Silos Into So-Called “World’s Largest Six-Pack”

(Labatt USA)

(Labatt USA)

What’s that, in the distance, looming over the horizon like the answer to all of Homer Simpson’s hopes and dreams? It’s a ginormous six-pack of beer, or so six 100-foot grain silos near Buffalo, N.Y. will appear after Labatt is done wrapping them in blue vinyl. And though the owner is calling it the largest six-pack in the world, that claim is debatable.

The cluster of silos is part of a former grain mill operation, and were given a makeover recently to fix’em up and get them ready to turn into what’s being called the “largest six-pack in the world,” reports The Buffalo News.

It’s unclear if that title is official or if the owners will seek to make it so, considering there’s not actually beer inside and that the claim is already held by a huge pack of Old Style cans in Wisconsin. And those tanks actually store beer, so there’s that.

The co-owner of Buffalo RiverWorks, is planning to use one of the silos for its connected brewery, which won’t actually make Labatte Blue or any other Labatt beer.

“One of the silos will be used to store the grain needed for the brewery operation,” Doug Swift explains. “We’re using a silo as a silo. Go figure.”

So why get Labatt involved? Advertising revenue: Swift says the money from that will go toward building the brewery, which will cost about $750,000. He hasn’t said how much Labatte was willing to fork over to create its giant blue homage, but it doesn’t have to stay that forever.

“The whole thing can be easily removed, and the process is reversible,” Swift said. “If anyone was to decide to return the silo to its original look, it would be very easy to do.”

Now that we’ve got the world’s largest bottle of catsup, the longest bratwurst, and the biggest bowl of moco loco, all we need is the world’s biggest armchair to kick back in and relax with the largest six-pack. I sense a great theme park idea — “GIANT STUFF!”

World’s largest six-pack taking shape at silos on waterfront [The Buffalo News]

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