To The Extent That Obvious Attempts At Viral Advertising Can Be Art, This Is It

While I am not one to wax on about lightbulbs, I do desperately adore actor Jeff Goldblum. So sure, this ad by GE for its lightbulbs is definitely a blatant attempt to “go viral,” as the people who think they sound hip say, but it’s also utterly weird and great. And also Jeff Goldblum.

Add in directors Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and the ad featuring Jeff Goldblum (whose name must be written in full, same as it is etched on my heart) as “Terry Quattro” is a piece of art, or advertising or something, that’s for sure.

Example of ad being effective: One virtue extolled by Jeff Goldblum is that the bulbs last 22 years and cost $14.97 — “That’s 66 scents a year, I use that on moist towelettes every 13 seconds.”

There is a hottub in his music room, too. With room for one more. Oh stop it, Jeff Goldblum, you rapscallion!

Too much typing. More Jeff Goldblum:

(H/T Polygon)

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