Teens Introduce Themselves On Camera, Try Bending iPhones At The Apple Store

bendphoneappleWhile bendgate continues to swirl around Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus, something else is being warped — the minds of today’s youth, who somehow believe committing criminal damage at a retail store is going to solve all bendy problems. It won’t — and showing your faces on camera and introducing yourselves before you do something like that is going to create an entirely different problem for you, kids.

Two teens in the United Kingdom posted a video of themselves going into an Apple store — after introducing themselves by name — and trying to bend the iPhone 6 Plus.

Covertly, of course, because as the kids admit while they were in the store: “The screen did pop out and we had to push it back in, as there were a lot of people there. If we would’ve gotten caught we would have had to pay for the phone.”

Yes, you should be paying for the property that doesn’t belong to you that you’re trying your best to break, kids.

The boys attempt to defend themselves, sort of, with one saying that while breaking things they don’t own is probably bad, “I don’t even care to be honest, because it’s Apple’s fault.”

Everyone together now — sigh.

The lesson may have been learned by now: The kids wised up and removed the initial YouTube video, but alas, the Internet saves all.

H/T to the Daily Dot

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