Some iPhone 6 Plus Users Saying Their Phones Bent While In Their Pockets

The release of the almost-a-tablet iPhone 6 Plus is presenting users with a tricky issue — how to carry the phone without damaging it. It’s too big for many back pockets (where it stands the risk of being damaged anyway) and some claim that putting it in their front pocket has resulted in a bent device. mentions complaints from a couple of its forum users who say they put their 6 Pluses in their front pockets and ended up with unwanted curves in their brand new phablets.

The first user says his 6 Plus was in the front pocket of his suit pants for about 18 hours while traveling to and attending a wedding:

The second instance is less detailed, but the bent device is equally apparent:

Of course there is no way to know if this is actually how these devices came to their new shape, but if I’d just spent money on an iPhone 6 Plus, I’d be taking extra care not to stow it anywhere on my person where it might be damaged or bent. Thankfully, it’s now fall, when having a coat with decent inside pockets makes it easier and safer to carry a new phone… unless you lose your coat or accidentally sit on it.

UPDATE: Now there’s video of a guy bending it on purpose, if that’s your jam.

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