Dept. Store Sorry For Selling Decidedly Unfunny Rape Joke Shirt

There are certain topics that don’t lend themselves to jokey T-shirts, and rape is pretty high on that list. Yet that didn’t stop one department store chain in the Philippines from selling a rape-joke shirt that even the most jaded person would find cringe-worthy.

The above shirt, which declares that, “It’s not rape… It’s a snuggle with a struggle,” didn’t amuse one woman, who found it in the boys’ section of The SM Store, a department store chain with around 30 locations in the Philippines.

After receiving more than a few angry messages about the shirt, SM issued an apology on its Facebook page.

“We have been informed via social media that we have a t-shirt in stock with a message that we too find unacceptable,” reads the message. “We do not tolerate such action. SM does not support such irresponsible and malicious acts that mock important and sensitive social issues. We have immediately pulled out all the t-shirts of the consignor that distributes them, and we are investigating why it was included in our delivery of assorted t-shirts.”

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