You Won’t Get Through Airport Security With 58 Bricks Of Pot, 2 Guns And 350 Rounds Of Ammo, FYI



Don’t let the headline mislead you: It’s pretty much guaranteed you won’t get through airport security with 57 bricks of pot and any amount of guns and ammo. But the point here is that someone actually tried to hide all those very prohibited objects in luggage. Transportation Security Administration agents put the kibosh on that over the weekend at John F. Kennedy International Airport in NYC.

TSA officials have apparently learned that just because a box says “iced tea” on it, that might not be what’s inside.

A Canadian woman tried to fly out of JFK yesterday with a whole slew of prohibited items in her checked luggage, says the TSA (via Gothamist): Two disassembled .40 caliber handguns, four magazines for the guns, 350 rounds of ammo and 58 bricks of pot (at 33 pounds total), all nestled inside the containers for things like baby wipes and coffee.

According to the TSA, “the officers saw the suitcases were jam-packed with cans and boxes for baby wipes, coffee, floor dusting sheets, lemonade mix, iced tea mix, a box of cat litter and a box of laundry tablets. But none of those boxes or cans contained the products on the labels.”

The woman was arrested by Port Authority police before she could board her flight, and has been charged with criminal possession of a firearm, possession of high capacity magazines, possession of ammunition, and criminal possession of marijuana.

TSA: Woman’s Luggage Contained 2 Guns, 350 Rounds Of Ammo, 58 Bricks Of Pot [Gothamist]

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