UPS Expanding 3D Printing Services To 100 Stores

(UPS Store)

(UPS Store)

Because not everyone has a professional 3D printer at home, but because everyone might have an interest in printing out say, a mug, a lamp, or even a bike, UPS says it’s adding 100 more stores to the list of locations that offer 3D printing.

UPS has been testing 3D printing services at six locations, and apparently deemed that pilot successful as the company announced today that 100 more UPS Stores will have the option for customers to print 3D objects, according to a press release.

While UPS specifically mentions its small business customers, it noted that “startups, inventors, artists and a wide range of professionals” have taken advantage of the printers to make their designs and prototypes a reality.

“We are committed to offering small business owners, entrepreneurs and consumers high-tech solutions in order to assist with all of their business needs,” said Michelle Van Slyke, vice president of marketing and sales at The UPS Store.

The 3D printers are part of a partnership with Stratasys, who is providing uPrint SE Plus printers for the UPS Stores.

But why can’t you just print your own stuff at home? you might be wondering. You can, but it won’t be the same, UPS says, as professional printers differ greatly from the kind you have at home, UPS says.

For a full list of which stores will have the 3D printers, click here.

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