Lululemon Sends Customer 19 Extra Running Hats, Lets Him Keep Them

The Men’s Cool Running Toque from Lululemon costs $32, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a sweat-wicking hat to wear while running. While a hat that keeps you both warm and cool is valuable to runners, even the most laundry-averse runner can’t possibly need twenty of them. Yet Lululemon sent one customer 20 hats, then told him to just go ahead and give them away.

This all began when he tweeted the company about the extra hats that arrived on his doorstep.

Like other cases where customers have received extra iPods and crates of tablets, most likely the hats come in crates of 20, and someone slapped a shipping label on a whole box of hats by mistake instead of picking out only one hat to ship to the customer. At least, we hope that’s the case, and that Lululemon isn’t shipping out cases of items to everyone.

Of course, he was perfectly willing to send the hats back, but Lululemon said that wasn’t necessary.

If you haven’t done the math in your head yet, that is $608 worth of extra hats that the company is letting him keep. Sure, it’s expensive brand goodwill, but might be worth it to Lululemon once enough outside sites pick up the story. Right?

Thanks to Ashley at Business Insider for bringing this exchange to our attention!

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