Jewelry Stores Hide Price Tags So Customers Don’t Bolt For The Door Immediately

There’s nothing quite like cruising around the aisles of a jewelry store or department like a creep, stealing glances at baubles and bangles while trying not to act too interested. Because there are no price tags on many of those items, so heaven forbid if someone were to come up and ask if you want to check it out, and then if turns out to be nine majillion dollars you have to back out, embarrassed. There’s a reason there are no price tags proudly on display, of course.

It’s to keep us all from bolting for the door immediately upon seeing a price tag reading 9 Majillion Dollars, and perhaps get interested enough to stick around and possibly purchase something despite the price, reports NPR’s Planet Money.

They spoke with one store proprietor who has been writing teeny tiny price tags and hiding them behind boxes or under displays since the days she worked at her parents’ shop.

She says there’s such a wide range of prices, she doesn’t want anyone to be put off from finding a nice $80 item just because there’s an $2,000 necklace right next to it.

“They’ll go, ‘Oh, this is crazy,’ and they’ll just walk right out,” she said.

The lack of a price tag forces customers to interact, which gives the store the time it needs to talk you up and maybe change your mind.

Nowadays there’s another reason to skip price tags, she adds — customers are looking things up before they arrive and know exactly what things costs.

“They’ve already pre-shopped, and they know exactly what they’re looking for,” she said.

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