Updating To iOS 8? Remember To Turn Off Your Bluetooth Afterward

iPad users may not notice that the bluetooth has been turned back on after updating to iOS 8.

iPad users may not notice that the bluetooth has been turned back on after updating to iOS 8.

In advance of the new iPhones coming out this week, Apple has begun rolling out iOS 8, the latest iteration of its operating system for iPhones and iPads. With some who’ve updated their devices already complaining about inefficient battery use, we wanted to remind you of a power-draining annoyance that occurs with every recent update of iOS.

That’s right: Bluetooth. While some people choose to always have their bluetooth on because their devices are always connected to some sort of peripheral like a headset or keyboard, most people only use it sparingly, if at all.

Which is why it baffles us that every iOS update now automatically turns a device’s bluetooth back on when completed. It doesn’t really benefit your device in any way, though a Forbes.com piece from earlier this year theorized that it may be to bolster the efficiency of location marketing service iBeacon.

Regardless of why Apple chooses to turn on your Bluetooth, remember to turn it back off when you’re done updating your device (unless you want it on, of course). This is especially true of iPad users, who are more likely to set their tablets to update and then let it do its thing until the device is needed again. As you can see from the above image, iPad users may also not notice the tiny, thin bluetooth icon against a busy background.

In terms of other ways to maximize your device’s battery using iOS 8, Mashable has this helpful post, walking you through the new app-specific battery usage tools (that are similar to what some Android users have been messing around with for years).

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