Some In Wisconsin Upset Over Local Stores Selling “Slender Man” Costume After Attack On 12-Year-Old

Disapproving pumpkin. (Kmo139)

Disapproving pumpkin. (Kmo139)

Residents of a Wisconsin town where two young girls are accused of repeatedly stabbing a third girl, as part of an attempt to please a fictional online character known as “Slender Man,” aren’t too happy with some local stores for selling Slender Man Halloween costumes.

The 12-year-old victim survived the May attack, which has left the southeastern Wisconsin town and the country shocked by nature of its viciousness. So the fact that two nearby stores are selling a Slender Man costume isn’t going over well with many locals.

“Just the reaction with the neighborhood and the girl’s finally back in school and feeling good… and I just think this would set her back,” one shopper told WITI in Milwaukee.

The two stores carrying the costume tell WISN they have no plans to remove them from the shelves, but another local store owner says he won’t carry it.

“We don’t mind scary, but we try not to be sick. I have two daughters and I try to run my business so that they would be proud. So we try and carry a selection of stuff that is appropriate for families and having fun,” he said.

The two 12-year-old suspects have both been charged as adults with attempted murder. One has been ruled not competent to stand trial and committed, while a judge is currently deciding if the other is fit to do so.

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