Radar From The Future Can Catch Drivers Texting Behind The Wheel

Law enforcement officials may soon be getting a high-tech helping hand in their fight against distracted driving. A Virginia company is reportedly working on a radar gun that detects, not speeding, but text messaging.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that ComSonics is developing a detection gun that could make it simpler for police officers to enforce texting while driving bans.

The device works by detecting the radio frequencies being emitted from the vehicle. But what about other, legal cellphone activities that can happen behind the wheel such as hands-free calls?

Officials with the company, which manufactures and provides calibration for speed enforcement equipment, say the device’s capabilities allow it to differentiate between text messages, phone calls and data transfer frequencies to pinpoint the likelihood that the driver is indeed shooting off a text message.

As for any concerns about privacy, the company says the device is unable to decrypt the information being transmitted by drivers.

Malcolm McIntyre, ComSonics’ calibration services manager, say the new equipment is similar to products used by cable technicians to detect leaks.

While McIntyre says the device is close to production, it would have to garner legislative approval and adoption by law enforcement agencies before actually being used on our roadways.

New device in the works to catch texting drivers [The Virginian-Pilot]

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