Chick-Fil-A Customer Buys $1,000 Worth Of Food For Customers In Drive-Thru Line Behind Him

The one and only time it’s probably great to still be in the drive-thru line instead of already through it? When someone in front of you decides to shell out $1,000 to pay for the orders of all the strangers in line behind him, like one generous Chick-fil-A customer did this week.

It was a normal busy evening at the Abilene, TX restaurant, until a man handed over $1,000 and asked workers to use it to pay for all those in the drive-thru line behind him, reports KTXS News.

The man only gave his first name, and said he’d given the money to make Monday a better day for everyone.

The franchise owner says the money paid for a whole lot of people, in just over an hour.

“He paid for 88 cars in a little over an hour,” he explained. “He pretty much bought everyone’s meal in the drive-thru for a little over an hour.”

The employees said they saw a whole lot of emotions during that hour, including some tears of joy.

“One lady actually cried because she had a really tough day,” one worker said. “She had a lot of bad stuff happen to her.”

This reminds us of a pay-it-forward chain, except with the paying part already done. Either way, we all get to feast on warm and happy feelings, right? (Except for whoever was in the car right in front of the generous donor, of course. That person is probably bummed to have missed out.)

Man pays $1,000 to feed those in drive-thru at Abilene Chick-Fil-A []

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