Social Networking Site For Rich People Charges $9,000 Fee To Join

These are your new rich friends!

These are your new rich friends!

Looking out across the vast oceans of the Internet, at all those massive schools of plebeians just swimming around and congesting Facebook and Twitter with their everyday ordinariness, one can only imagine it gets lonely out there for the super rich “who have more money than time.” Well, look at that, there’s a social media site designed just for those folks, and it costs $9,000 to be a member.

Possibly under the impression that money buys social media happiness, Netropolitan has dubbed itself
“the online country club for people with more money than time,” reports CNN.

And just like a country club, money matters — specifically, the $9,000 it costs for dues and a membership fee, with another $3,000 every year you stay in the network after that.

It sounds too snobby to be real, right? Oh, but it is real. It is.

“This is 100% real, and I believe there is a need and an audience for this service,” said James Touchi-Peters, Netropolitan’s founder, who was feeling lonely amidst all the baby pics and the humdrum pace of normals’ lives.

“I saw a need for an environment where you could talk about the finer things in life without backlash — an environment where people could share similar likes and experiences,” he said.

So why the big bucks? What does that actually buy you? Well, it “ensures that our membership remains exclusive, but also private.”

“We view in the same light as any country club out there,” he said. “They have initiation fees and yearly dues for members. Netropolitan is an online country club, focused on connecting members around the world. We believe there is a need for a community like this, and we are filling the need.”

Nothing about getting even a free toaster?

Once you’re on the network, there are no ads, and the site isn’t indexed by search engines. And while there’s a “Member Service Associate” button to provide site help, it’s not for users to abuse and order up a priavate jet or pick up your drycleaning, despite the temptation that’s apparently inherent in such a setting. The site warns that it’s “NOT a concierge service,” so please just stick with your regular concierge.

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