Michigan Funeral Home Installs Drive-Thru Viewing Window

The convenience of a drive-thru window is obvious, but one usually thinks of banks or fast food chains that use them for the ease of customers on the go. And not, as one funeral home is doing in Michigan, a drive-thru viewing window for visiting the deceased. But then again, why not?

The home’s president tells MLive.com that he’s had the idea for years, and decided to finally go through with it after an elderly woman couldn’t make it inside the chapel last year to attend her husband’s services.

“She would’ve got a chance to see him if we had this, so I knew we had to move forward,” he explained.

And on the other hand, not everyone wants to go to funeral home services at all.

“Considering the elderly generation that we service, so many people are afraid of funeral homes. So why not be able to do it from your car?” he added.

The window has curtains that remain shut when the visitation inside is going on, and only open at times when a vehicle pulls up beside it.

When that happens, the curtains come apart, music plays, and a guest book pops out on a shelf for visitors to record their names for the family. After three minutes, the curtains close again.

Families can choose whether or not to have the drive-thru option available — as one obvious down side could be members of the generally gawking public coming by generally gawk, or potentially, commit acts of vandalism.

The home is holding an open house this Sunday to acquaint people with the new drive-thru service.

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