Café Reduces Waste, Serves Espresso Drinks In Ice Cream Cones

espresso_pastriesIf you went out for your morning coffee today, whether you paid for it or got a freebie from McDonald’s, did you think to yourself, “this disposable paper cup is nice, but it’s so wasteful”? That is probably a common thought, but other than re-using a mug, what can you do about it? One cafe owner is blazing a path forward…with chocolate-dipped ice cream cones.

Ice cream cones? For coffee? Hot coffee? It seems like only a delicious, melty dream, but the café owner has the cones bade by a local confectioner. No venti pumpkin spice lattes in your cone: they’re only four ounces, enough for a tiny espresso-based beverage.

Of course, the cutting edge of caffeine isn’t cheap. While an espresso drink from Alfred Café only costs $3, the cone itself costs $5. Many customers are tourists visiting a nearby farmer’s market who are happy to pay for the novelty factor of a coffee cone, and surely there are people in Los Angeles who will happily pay $8 for a daily macchiato with extra crunch, but the cost and nutritional profile of a daily waffle cone mean that this should really only be a “sometimes” treat.

LA Cafe Serves Coffee in Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cones [ABC News] (Thanks, Sarah!)

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