General Motors Doesn’t Recall Corvettes, Stops Shipments And Sales Instead

Remember how General Motors promised that it is totally done with recalling cars? Well, strictly speaking that’s true, because the company is not recalling any 2015 Corvettes. They’re stopping shipments and sales of cars that are currently on dealer lots, because there may be problems with their parking brakes and airbags. There are 2,800 ‘vettes that may have problems with their airbags, and 800 that may have problems with their parking brakes.

Specifically, the air bag problem is an issue with the part that connects the steering wheel and the air bag. The parking brake problem is one where only one of the vehicle’s brakes engaged on the wheel.

The 2015 Corvette has been very popular, but the company hasn’t recalled vehicles that have already been sold. The company hasn’t indicated that 2015 Corvettes that are on the road have issues: recalling cars that have already been sold is a different process from simply stopping shipments to dealers.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Corvettes have been part of the Recallapalooza celebration: cars from the 2014 model year were recalled for possible problems where door trim blocked one of the side air bags, and 140,000 Corvettes were recalled before that for problems with their low-beam headlights.

GM Issues ‘Stop Delivery’ Order on 2015 Corvettes [Wall Street Journal]

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