SF Giants Fans Can Now Pay $179/Year To Speed Through Security Line

If you’ve been to a Major League Baseball game this season, you may have noticed that one or more of the gates at the stadium now has TSA-like security checkpoints, as the league has required that all teams scan all attendees with metal detectors starting next season. And just like the airport, the lines can back up and cause annoyance. So of course some company is looking to make a buck off impatient baseball fans.

TravelSkills.com reports that starting today, San Francisco Giants fans will be able to pay for fast-lane security access through CLEAR, a trusted-traveler program that currently operates at a handful of airports around the country.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something where you can show up to the game and decide to spend a few extra bucks to get into a faster lane. Instead, the CLEAR pilot program requires that you are already a CLEAR member, which starts at $179/year for the first person in your family.

Since we can’t imagine someone paying $179/year just to save a few minutes of time entering AT&T Park (of course, we’re not Silicon Valley billionaires… yet), we don’t see all that many people being able to take advantage of this benefit, especially since the fast-lane access is only granted to the holder of the CLEARcard while his or her friends and family have to stand in line with everyone else.

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