Police: Two Guys Soaked Shelves Of Walmart Merchandise With Deer Urine



I can’t help it — I’ve been struggling and now it’s time to let it out: “Kids these days! Spraying doe urine everywhere, ugh!” Exasperation is the only emotion I can imagine — okay, and extreme disgust — at hearing the news that two youngish guys allegedly soaked the shelves of their local Walmart in deer urine.

Back in my day, deer urine was a thing that one might reasonably expect to be sprayed on the ground, in the forest, or on the floors of doe bathrooms.

But in Oklahoma, police say an 18-year-old and a 24-year-old man soaked a bunch of Walmart merchandise in the stuff, causing $2,500 in damages to the store’s goods, reports Fox 23.

The twosome is accused of spraying anything from toys to shoes and clothing in doe urine, before fleeing the scene. Police caught up with the two across the street and they reportedly admitted to the pee spree.

“It’s just kind of shameful. I mean, these kids need to grow up,” one shopper told the news station, echoing the “kids these days!” sentiment. Because really? Gross.

Police: Doe urine sprayed on products at Owasso Walmart [Fox 23]

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