People Started Lining Up Outside Of Tokyo Apple Store On Sunday

You may have heard that there are new products emerging from the magical land of Cupertino tomorrow. People started camping out near the glass edifice of a Manhattan Apple Store last week, but they have sponsors. The campers in Tokyo’s fancy Ginza district set up on Sunday, and are supposedly there out of just fanatical devotion to Apple products.

What the products will be is no mystery: there will be a slightly modified version of the iPhone, and a smart watch that may or may not have terrible battery life. However, we know when they’re going on sale: not until at least a week after tomorrow’s announcement. These urban adventurers are ready, though: urban Japan still has bathhouses, and random strangers have brought the adventurers in Tokyo snacks.

The waiters don’t all think that they will have to wait until next Friday for their phones, though. “I’ve got my sources. From what I hear, the new phones are already being shipped,” the first man in line told the Wall Street Journal.

Fans Form Line in Tokyo for Expected iPhone Launch

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