Esurance: No, Our Billboard Didn’t Actually Suggest You “Cover Your Home In A D**k”

Blurred because we have moms.

Blurred because we have moms.

Gather round to hear the tale we like to call, “Not Everything You See On The Internet Is Real.” It’s a story that has been heard round the world, and is ever-changing in its sneakiness. This installment of NEYSOTIIR, Esurance says a billboard reading “cover your home in a d**k” was Photoshopped, and didn’t actually suggest potential customers do such a silly and impractical thing.

Earlier this week, a photo emerged across the wide plains of the Internet, purportedly of a billboard in Chicago that contained the crude reference to a man’s genitalia.

But it was a Photoshopped job, a company spokesperson said, according to RedEye Chicago. The real billboard actually reads, “cover your home in a click.”

Well, that does make a lot more sense.

The spokesman says that all the billboards in question were taken down on July 24 anyway, because they could’ve been read in error from a distance. He says that the d**k pic was “clearly photoshopped.”

RedEye says the Instagram user who posted the original photo admitted that it was something he’d made as a joke — he didn’t even notice the thing had gone viral.

“My initial reaction was to be upset for not receiving credit, but then I realized that it was most likely not a malicious or plagiaristic act,” he explained.

And for those media outlets who thought it was real, well that’s ridiculous, he says, as he was surprised they reported on it.

“After you Photoshop something and have it end up [in the media], the slightest trust that you still had in the media is now lost,” he said.

Esurance picture of lewd billboard was photoshopped [RedEye Chicago]

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