Netflix Wants You To Tell All Your Facebook Friends What To Watch

Tell them all to watch what you watch or you can't be friends anymore.

Tell them all to watch what you watch or you can’t be friends anymore.

Everyone’s got one — the movie that makes you who you are, the one that turned on all the lights in your brain and opened your mind to a new reality, one that can only exist upon viewing that particular film. So when your best friend/boyfriend/wife/second cousin Thurman admits to have never seeing The One Movie Essential To Your Being, you insist they must watch it and be enlightened. And now Netflix wants you to put that pressure on your Facebook friends with a new social recommendation feature.

Netflix users in the U.S. and Canada can now send content recommendations to their Facebook friends, Cameron Johnson, director of product innovation at Netflix wrote in a blog post today.

“When you finish watching something you’ll be asked if you know anyone else who’d like that show, and prompted to find your friends by connecting to Facebook,” he explains.

But lest you’re worried that your newsfeed will betray the secret of how many times you’ve watched Adventures in Babysitting since you realized it was on Netflix [editor’s note: approximately 17 times], sending suggestions won’t share those TV shows or movies to your timeline or your friends.

And if you haven’t linked your Facebook account to your Netflix account, recommendations will arrive as a Facebook message.

But seriously, you’ve never seen Ghostbusters? Does your soul hurt?

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