If You Bring A Baby With You To Shoplift At Walmart, Don’t Leave Her Behind

While we don’t condone theft of any sort, we are aware of the notion that having a baby with you while you shoplift might help create the illusion that you’re not a petty criminal who needs to be watched by store security. But if you get spotted trying to take advantage of some five-finger discounts, leaving that infant behind is incredibly uncool. It will probably also lead the police right to your doorstep.

TribLive.com reports on a Pittsburgh-area woman who had gone to Walmart with her 1-year-old niece in tow while she shopped at Walmart for laundry detergent and Miracle Whip.

Problem is, she apparently didn’t think to pay for the suds and salad dressing. Store employees say they spotted her and her infant accomplice trying to exit the store with the pilfered products, so they confronted her.

That’s when the woman tried to make a quick exit, attempting to grab her niece from the cart. Alas, the little girl was strapped in and her aunt’s efforts only resulted in the cart tipping to an “unsafe position,” according to the police report.

That’s when the woman left without the kid.

We’re not quite sure how, but the baby’s mom did come to the store to claim her left-behind daughter. The worst aunt in Pennsylvania was later arrested near her home and was charged with retail theft, recklessly endangering another person, use/possession of drug paraphernalia and endangering the welfare of children… All for $87 worth of stuff.

[via PennLive.com]

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