Amazon UK Ruins Cat’s Birthday By Shipping Gift In An Envelope, Not A Box

Cats care about many things, ranging from sunbeams to food, but they don’t care very much about birthdays. They don’t seem to care whether it’s their birthday or not. However, when the creator of a line of cat-themed accessories contacted Amazon UK on the pretext that they had ruined her cat’s birthday by sending a gift in an envelope instead of a box, Amazon played along.

Beth’s cat Molly is very cute, and she got some fab toys for her first birthday. However, much to her owners’ dismay, the toys came in an envelope instead of a box. (Maybe the Stupid Shipping Gang phenomenon hasn’t crossed the Atlantic yet?) Boxes are very important to cats for some reason that no human will ever understand, so she reached out to Amazon using Twitter.

Since this is the Internet and a cute kitty was involved, Amazon got right on that.

Molly would not go giftless, if Amazon had anything to say about it. Which they did. Because that’s where her gift was ordered from.

Of course, the part where a shipped item was missing is much more important to Amazon than one cat’s lack of a box. The company and the customer exchanged e-mails behind the scenes. “I didn’t tell Molly,” Beth wrote. “I didn’t want to get her hopes up just for them to be dashed again.”


A few days later, on the doorstep, as promised…a fun toy. Oh, and some plastic thing with a ball that goes around a track.


The important thing here is that the toy came in a nice, big box.

Molly and the birthday box [Beth Wilson]

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