Would You Like To Be Able To Buy A Big Mac With Empty Soda & Beer Cans?

3034937-inline-i-1-big-mac-cansGot a hankering for a Big Mac but don’t want to spend the money? Your recycling bin may hold the key to sating your special sauce craving… or it would if you were living in Sweden.

Fast Company reports on a campaign by McDonald’s in Sweden that not only encourages customers to turn in empty cans for burgers, but also provides the bags in which to collect the cans.

Small billboards in Stockholm advertise the program — which gives customers the option of a free hamburger or cheeseburger for 10 cans, or a Big Mac for a whopping 40 cans — on large rolls of black plastic bags that can be taken and used to tote one’s can stash to the Golden Arches.

“Youngsters don’t always have so much cash, but sometimes they can get empty cans,” says a rep for ad agency DDB Stockholm that created the idea with McD’s. “So, accepting cans in return for burgers gets them to McDonald’s and the cans to the recycling depot. Everyone’s happy.”

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