What Happens When You Try To Create The Ultimate Oreo?

oreochartWhile Nabisco itself has been working hard to create strange permutations of the brand, outside researchers are also pushing the boundaries of Oreo Science. First came the high school students who calculated that Double Stuf Oreos only contain 1.86 times as much Stuf as regular Oreos. Now the frosting scientists at the Onion’s A.V. Club have conducted their own experiment, wondering: what happens if you try to multiply the filling in one cookie times ten?

What if you do it with a Double Stuf Oreo? Mega Stuf? Oreo Mini? The team of frosting scientists carefully excised the filling from ten of each Oreo variety, which is more difficult than it sounds. They stacked them up, measured them for no particular reason, and then forced each other into a taste test.

Their ultimate conclusion from their experiment was that it tasted terrible, and you really shouldn’t try to stack ten Oreo fillings inside a single cookie. The net effect is that of taking a huge bite of cake frosting, without the crunchy chocolate wafers that mitigate the sugar glob of even a Mega Stuf Oreo.


This is probably why the stuff-your-own-Oreo kits weren’t a hit, even if the concept sounded fun. There is a reason why there’s a certain proportion of frosting to cookie wafer. If you want frosting globs, well, go buy some frosting in a can.

When Oreo science goes too far: Creating and eating the Mega Mega Stuf Oreo [A.V. Club]

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