Tim Hortons: Nice To Meet You, America! Have A Buffalo Crunch Doughnut

You might’ve heard that Burger King is merging with Tim Hortons, a restaurant chain based in Canada. But because many Americans might not be as familiar with the company, Tim Hortons is offering a sort of “howdy do!” from our neighbors to the north, apparently, by way of a “Buffalo Crunch” doughnut.

Perhaps because we all look like a bunch of frankenfood enthusiasts, what with our cronuts and biznuts and whatnots, Tim Hortons is bringing a thing that appears to be dough combined with buffalo sauce to the New York State Fair right now, reports GrubStreet, as spotted first(ish) by @AsEatenOnTV on Twitter.

Jumping into frankenfood territory and not looking back, Tim Hortons’ pull-apart yeast doughnut is dunked in Buffalo sauce and sprinkled with crushed chips, with a handful of corn-chip strips in the middle for decoration.

And just like wings, the doughnuts come in mild and hot varieties, with ranch dressing on the side, because if there’s a condiment we Americans love, it’s ranch dressing. Unlike wings, these pastries don’t contain any meat, however. The doughnut goes for $2, not to mention the cost to your soul for having eaten such a thing.

Again, this thing is only at the New York State Fair… at least, for now. But put it between a bun and we could be looking at the future of the Burger King/Tim Hortons marriage. Please don’t do that, though, Canada.

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