You’re Not Seeing Things, Virginia Drivers — Those Are Some Seriously Crooked Road Lines

Drivers in Virginia were probably rubbing their eyes and wondering if maybe someone slipped a bit of booze into their morning coffee yesterday, when the lane lines on a major roadway turned all squiggly and wiggly.

Which way do wobbly lines point? All of the ways, which can be pretty confusing, reports

The Virginia Department of Transportation arrived on the scene in the afternoon, and said temporary lane striping put down by crews over the weekend had some kind of problem, causing it to peel up and move all over the road.

“It was terrible,” one driver said, who was out last night. “They were just all over the place, and my husband said, ‘Thank God I know the roads, and I was lost.’ “

The VDOT is looking into what exactly made the lane lines go unstuck, and had crews out working to fix it yesterday morning during the commuter rush.

VDOT working to fix bad lane striping causing confusion on I-66 []

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