Couple Accused Of Stealing $16K By Exploiting Debit Card With Magically Increasing Balance

To my knowledge, there has never been an established, official “opposite day,” whereby spending money on products you actually magically increase how much money you have, much less an “opposite bunch of months” where this happens. So when a couple using a debit card that made them richer with every purchase realized what was happening, the legal thing to do would’ve been to pipe up.

Alas, a British twosome decided to stay mum on their bit of money magic, after what was supposed to be a prepaid debit card that you know, debits money from the balance on it instead started adding funds to the account when it was used, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

The couple ended up with £10,000 — around $16,000 in “free” stuff from a local shop by using the glitchy card. After about a year of mysteriously losing money, the store owner called the police and officials realized what was going on.

“The system should have been the person who owns the card pays money in advance, then spends money on the card,” the prosecutor said. “In this case, it was the reverse. When they bought something, they were credited rather than debited so the amount on the card was increasing and that went on for nine months.”

Both the man and the woman pleaded guilty to fraud, because though they didn’t realize it wasn’t just a magic “opposite day” kind of thing at first, once they did, they kept on taking advantage of the card.

“They don’t understand how the money was put on it, whether it was a glitch in the system or the shopkeeper didn’t know how it worked, but once they realized, they did carry on like it was a golden ticket,” the woman’s lawyer explained, adding that she “regrets her involvement and the effect it had on the shopkeepers.”

‘Golden ticket’ debit card paid out £10,000, Hull Crown Court hears

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